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What’s unique about this chapter that you won’t find anywhere else? Expertise. This is the one place that combines the literary genres of suspense and mystery with romance. In addition, you’ll find considerable support for your journey as a professional romance writer from our many members following similar paths.

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KILLER NEWS - November 27, 2015

First of all, hope everyone in the US had a good Thanksgiving yesterday, and everyone else had a good Thursday.

Second, please join me in cheering for the following KOD-members, who have good news to share:

Kathy/C. K. Crouch won NaNoWriMo 2015 by validating her word count with 70,210 words. She's on track to make 100,000 by November 30, 2015.

Stacey Brutger has a new release: ELECTRIC LEGEND, Book 4 in the Raven Investigations Series

Something malevolent has infected the freak show, spreading terror and death wherever the circus travels. One visit will enchant you, but don’t dare stay past dark or you might never leave.

After her recent nearly-fatal case as a paranormal consultant, Raven decides to take a much-needed vacation with her pack. They stop at a Freak Show, a circus owned by the paranormal, and stumble upon a case … or to be more precise, the pack is kidnapped and held hostage.

Raven plots their escape, knowing that if even one thing goes wrong the circus would vanish overnight without a trace, taking her pack with them. When her newly awakened dragon sabotages their every attempt to leave, Raven must depend on her wits alone to discover who is terrorizing and killing the shifters in the circus before her pack becomes the next target. Her situation only grows more precarious when the bonds between her pack begin to unravel. To save them all before it’s too late, Raven will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

For more info, please visit Stacey’s blog : http://www.staceybrutger.com/blog/

Suzette Hollingsworth would like to report that her book, SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE CASE OF THE SWORD PRINCESS, a mystery with romantic elements and 1st in "The Great Detective in Love" series, is a finalist in the 2015 Chanticleer Mystery & Mayhem awards!

SWORD PRINCESS is also on Audible, where actor Joel Froomkin turned the book into theatre.

SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE DANCE OF THE TIGER, Book 2 in the series, was just released on November 7, 2015.

For more info, please visit Suzette’s website: http://www.suzettehollingsworth.com

And last but certainly not least, Marta Perry recently accepted an offer from Love Inspired for a Christmas novella and six Love Inspired novels.

And that’s what we have this week. Enjoy those turkey leftovers.  Till next time.

KILLER NEWS - November 20, 2015

Traci Andrighetti is happy to announce that both of her Franki Amato mysteries, LIMONCELLO YELLOW and PROSECCO PINK, have been nominated for the Mystery & Mayhem award. http://www.chantireviews.com/2015/11/13/the-mystery-mayhem-writing-contest-official-finalist-list-for-2015/

Wanting something a little different for what is a brand new genre for her – and also lured by the attraction of ‘upfront’ money – Blair Bancroft submitted to Amazon's new Kindle Scout program. And, lo and behold, after the requisite 45 days, her Futuristic/Paranormal REBEL PRINCESS has been accepted for publication. Details remain a bit fuzzy, but from what she’s seen on the Kindle Scout authors loop, she believes Book 1 of the 4-book series comes out next Tuesday, the 24th.

A princess from a peaceful planet, whose inhabitants have paranormal powers, clashes with a militant race determined on conquest, inadvertently sparking a rebellion. Among the lengthy cast of characters are a dashing rebel starship captain (naturally), the princess's fiancé (a sorcerer) a younger brother who speaks only through illusions, and parents who are strong advocates of non-violence. Yet somehow they must work together to find a way to free the planets conquered by the Empire.

The wonderful Wild Rose Press Artist Angela Anderson has created a fabulous cover for Jeannie Hall’s debut romantic suspense novel, VIOLATION OF FAITH. Jeannie would love to hear what everyone at the KOD thinks! http://jeanniehallsuspense.com/cover-reveal/

Toni Anderson’s fifth book in the award-winning, bestselling Cold Justice Series releases on Tuesday. COLD IN THE SHADOWS features CIA Officer Patrick Killion and frog biologist, Dr. Audrey Lockhart. Someone just met his match! The book is released in digital, audio and print on 11/24!  (All books stand alone). See details on Toni’s website: http://www.toniandersonauthor.com

CIA Officer Patrick Killion is on a secret mission to hunt down the ruthless female assassin hired to kill the Vice President of the United States. The trail leads him to the Colombian rainforest and an earnest biologist, Audrey Lockhart, whose work on poison dart frogs gives her access to one of the deadliest substances on earth—the same substance used to murder the VP.

When Audrey is attacked by the local drug cartel, Killion steps in and hustles her out of harm’s way, determined to find out what she knows. His interrogation skills falter somewhere between saving her life and nursing her back to health as he realizes she’s innocent, and he ends up falling for her. Audrey has a hard time overlooking the fact that Killion kidnapped her, but if she wants to get her life back and track down the bad guys, she has to trust him. Then someone changes the rules of their cat and mouse game and now they’re the ones being hunted—by a cold-blooded killer who is much closer than they think.

And Carolyn Rae’s recently released Witness Protection Series trilogy is now live and the first book, HIDING FROM LOVE, is free. Check it out on Carolyn’s website: http://www.carolynrae.com/

And that’s it for today. Have a good weekend!

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Tread lightly...But know that while we are all working together here, the conversation can turn quickly to death, destruction and mayhem. And we are fine with that. We'll even abet you as you work to do the same, to become the best spinner of romantic mysteries and thrillers that you can be. So come on in, the water's warm...as blood.