Murder One
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Class Dates: 
March 1 - 31
Mary O’Gara

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Both amateur and professional psychics work to solve a wide range of crimes: violent crimes, missing persons, white collar crimes, even crimes that have not yet happened.   “Psychics and Crime” describes four kinds of psychic sensing and their impact on the ways psychics approach investigations.   She’ll discuss the five ways psychics are most likely to become involved in criminal cases and the tools and methods they use to explore answers or exonerate suspects.  The workshop will include Mary’s own professional psychic work as well as references and links for further exploration in every lesson.


Among the topics Mary will cover are:


■          Five ways psychics get involved in criminal cases

■          Basics of psychic development and psychic research

■          Psychic protection, from rituals to amulets

■          The impact of social media and the internet on modern psychic work

■          Curses and motivations for murder

■          Missing persons cases and the mapping methods psychic use to aid in the search

■          Psychics and the law, by city and state

■          The good, the bad and the ugly: Psychics’ relationships with the authorities who enforce the laws and need evidence that will stand up in trial

          White collar crime, theft and fraud

Instructor Bio: 

Mary O’Gara is an award-winning poet, short story writer and columnist who writes the monthly “Starfire” astrology column for Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine Mary has worked as a professional astrologer and psychic for more than 40 years and has been teaching online for more than 20 years.  She holds both the Ph.D. and the D.D. degree and is certified as an astrologer, a professional tarot reader and a financial astrologer.  She is a member of Southwest Writers and Sisters in Crime. Mary has been a frequent instructor for Kiss of Death and is a past president of the chapter.

Tread Lightly

Tread lightly...But know that while we are all working together here, the conversation can turn quickly to death, destruction and mayhem. And we are fine with that. We'll even abet you as you work to do the same, to become the best spinner of romantic mysteries and thrillers that you can be. So come on in, the water's blood.